The Power and Freedom of Focus

Life without focus is thin.

Unfocused leaders drive everyone crazy including themselves.

Chasing shiny objects frees at first, but loses it’s luster with the passage of time. Exhaustion and frustration set in.

Success requires focus.

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Focus is dangerous. What if’s and what about’s dilute focus, drain energy, and destroy confidence.

Distraction is easy, just do whatever you want whenever you want.

Focus demands the courage to exclude.


Fear is the reason you’re spread too thin. Fear of:

  1. Falling short. It’s always possible to focus on the wrong thing and come up short. Wrong focus produces wrong results.
  2. Missing out. Those with focus don’t chase every shining object that crosses the path.
  3. Disappointing others. Those who focus say no. Yes feels pleasing. No feels disappointing. The need to please others is the reason so many leaders get lost.

Focus on fewer things or, in the end, you focus on nothing.


Focus brings strengths to bear on opportunity.

Authentic leaders find focus when they:

  1. Clarify their passion.
  2. Acknowledge and compensate for their weaknesses.
  3. Enjoy and apply their strengths.

The freedom of finding personal focus:

Finding focus begins as a journey toward authenticity that ends in service to others.

Three points of focus for successful leaders:

  1. Today’s win.
  2. Passion and talent in others. Successful leaders always develop and release talent.
  3. Purpose. Why are we doing what we do?

The daily focus of successful leaders is creating energizing environments where talented people love producing great results.

How will you win by doing what matters today?

Successful leaders create clarity, simplicity, and forward movement.

The importance of focus is clarity of mission, message, product, and result.

What distractions are most dangerous to leaders?

How can leaders clarify focus for themselves and others?