4 Ways to Eliminate Success Blocking Blind Spots

Those who can’t see themselves feel isolated and alone.

Real relationships are built between real people.

 bird with red head

7 reasons leaders have blind spots:

  1. The birds of a feather problem. You hang with people who think like you and agree with you.
  2. Credit bias. You give yourself credit for success and blame others for failure.
  3. Illusion of superiority. You over-value your strengths and ignore your weaknesses. You’re just awesome!
  4. Comparing down. You compare yourself with those who are less skilled, successful, or talented in order to build yourself up.
  5. Intention over behavior. You judge yourself by your intentions – you always mean well. Others judge you by your behaviors. You look disinterested, disconnected, or disgruntled.
  6. Competence transference. You feel that competence in one area makes you competent in many areas. This happens when those who can do something well falsely believe they can manage people doing the same thing.
  7. Self-rejection. Proud people use blind spots to hide from their frailties and protect their egos.

Connections deepen after blind spots are embraced.

4 ways to see blind spots:

  1. Validate the perception of others. Their perceptions are real perceptions.
  2. Believe troubling feedback. When someone says you seem angry, believe it. Say, “Thanks for letting me know.”
  3. Explore awkward feedback. Ask, “What am I doing that makes me seem angry?”
  4. Invite feedback from trusted friends and colleagues.

Enhance success by seeing yourself the way others see you.

4 reasons seeing blind spots makes a difference:

  1. Blind spots create barriers in relationships that limit influence.
  2. You can’t engage in real relationships when you don’t see the real you.
  3. Blind spots undermine potential. The same issues keep coming up and you won’t take responsibility.
  4. The more authentic you become the stronger people connect with you. Connections are counterfeit when you present a counterfeit self.

Authentic relationships are built between authentic people.

How have you seen blind spots hinder leaders?

How might we more clearly see our blind spots?