Simple Question – Profound Shift

Don’t feel bad if you haven’t mastered the shift from serving self to serving others. It’s a journey. I don’t know about you, but self-serving attitudes come naturally to me.

Servant-leadership is aspiration more than destination.


The journey toward servant-leadership is the path to profound impact and rich leadership.


My conversation with David Finkel, co-author of, “Scale,” reminded me that simple questions produce profound shifts in thinking.

Stop asking, “What do I need?”

Start asking, “What does my business need?”

David Finkel in his own words (1:27): 

Growth, impact, and meaning find their fullest expression in thinking about what others need, what your business needs.

The thing that holds you back is focusing on your needs and wants. I’m not suggesting you become a martyr. Take care of you so you can take care of others.


You can preach service till you’re blue in the face, but humility changes everything.

Arrogance serves self. Humility serves others.

The more you contribute to something greater than yourself the greater you become.


Humility is discovered more than developed. David Finkel’s discovery of humility includes:

  1. Maturing. Growing into his thirties helped.
  2. Seeing frailty.
  3. Realization that others are pivotal to success.
  4. Passion to create something enduring that is bigger than himself.

David Finkel in his own words (2:07): 

You must get out of yourself in order to create something bigger than yourself.

Humility blossoms outward. Arrogance collapses inward.

Humility looks like:

  1. Mentoring.
  2. Listening.
  3. Smiling.
  4. Forgiving.
  5. Challenging.

Humility is asking what’s best for others.

How has humility grown in you?

How has humility impacted your leadership?

Buy, “Scale” by David Finkel and Jeff Hoffman. It expanded my thinking on growing a business.