3 Simple Keys to Remarkable Results

Talking about poor performance doesn’t improve performance.

Talking about what went wrong doesn’t produce results. You can’t deliver positive results by “not doing” things.

ask for what you want

Conversations that deliver results face forward. Performance is about what needs to be done in the future, not what was done in the past.

Achieve results by talking about where you’re going, how to get there, and why it matters.

Results are the result of forward-facing conversations.

10 questions that fuel remarkable results:

Ask for what you want or resign yourself to disappointment.

  1. What are we trying to accomplish?
  2. What are you going to do?
  3. When are you going to take steps toward completion? What time of day, for example?
  4. Where will you be when you get it done? Think about location.
  5. How will you get it done?
  6. What resources are necessary?
  7. Who needs to be involved?
  8. Who will you work with?
  9. How will you know it’s done?
  10. What’s the deadline?

Bonus: Why does it matter?

3 keys to remarkable results:

High performance leaders ask for commitments and establish accountability.

Talk is meaningless chatter when no one is held accountable.

3 keys to remarkable results:

  1. Align priorities. On a scale of 1 to 10, how important is this project? When their number is lower than yours, frustration awaits. “10” your job depends on it. “5” it has to get done. If the number is lower than “5,” why are you talking about it?
  2. Share commitments. What will you do? What will they do?
  3. Set the follow-up meeting. (accountability)

If you want results, meet with the person who said they would deliver, on the day it’s due.

How might leaders create environments where remarkable results are normal?