Jack and Suzy Welch on Destiny and Authenticity

I asked Jack and Suzy Welch about getting ahead in business and leadership at the World LEADERS Conference.

Suzy and Jack Welch at WLC2015

Getting ahead:


If you want to get ahead in business and leadership…

“Find your area of destiny.” Suzy Welch

Suzy explains destiny in practical, not theoretical, terms. “Destiny is the intersection of what you are uniquely good at and what you love doing.”

“Once you find your area of destiny, the sky’s the limit.” Suzy Welch

(Don’t miss Suzy talking about destiny.)


If you want to get ahead as a leader, “You want a passion for what you’re doing and you want to be authentic.” Jack Welch

Suzy and Jack in their own words (1:15):

**The book Suzy mentioned on the recording is, “The Real-Life MBA.”

Authenticity and Candor:


“If you lose your authenticity, you’re cooked.” Suzy Welch

Suzy finds authenticity in reflection with God. “Prayer would be the answer (to finding authenticity). I don’t know another way.”


Jack jumped in and said, “I was very fortunate to have a mother who made me very comfortable being authentic.”

Real candor depends on authenticity.

Jack said that candor was the result of a mother who convinced him that, even though he had frailties, he should bring his “good stuff” to the world. (Don’t miss Jack talking about his mother.)

Jack and Suzy on authenticity and candor (1:29):

How might leaders get ahead in business and leadership?

What are your thoughts on destiny and authenticity?