How to Seize Growth Points

The first sign of life is growth. Leaders who aren’t growing are dying.

Great dreams require great growth.

do something that requires help

Exponential growth occurs when:

  1. Success feels uncertain.
  2. New skills are needed.
  3. Situations feel awkward.

Lack and uncertainty are opportunities for growth. Push through. Don’t pull back.

5 enemies of growth:

  1. Using authenticity as a shield or crutch. Every time you expand your capacity, it feels awkward at the beginning. Trying new skills often feels fake. Let your authentic self feel awkward.
  2. Avoiding uncomfortable challenges.
  3. Clinging to established practices.
  4. Pretending to know.
  5. Over-concern regarding failure.

Running from discomfort may feel comfortable, but it stunts growth.

When to say yes to discomfort:

Embrace discomfort that is on the path to where you want to go. Avoid discomfort that isn’t useful.

Vision for your life determines the usefulness of working through discomfort, uncertainty, and awkwardness.


  1. Where do I want to go as a leader?
  2. Are these untested skills important to my aspirations?
  3. How might pressing through uncertainty connect with my vision to reach the C-suite, for example?
  4. How would people in the position I aspire to reach, respond to this situation?
  5. How might this awkward experience be a stepping stone for my career?

Growth points come disguised as untested skills, awkward opportunities, and uncomfortable situations.

Grow with:

Do something that requires help.

Reject the illusion of self-sufficiency, when facing new challenges.

The person who gets the most help goes the furthest.

Tap into coaches, mentors, and the experience of colleagues. Self-sufficiency is the enemy of great achievement.

Help others grow:

Ask people to do things they haven’t done, if you want to help them grow.

What has caused you to grow as a leader?