We’re on a Mission From God

“We’re on a mission from God!” The Blues Brothers – 1980

everyone who matters fulfills their purpose

Successful leaders know and do what’s important. Purpose defines importance.

Actions disconnected from purpose are meaningless.

Mark Twain wisely said, “The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.”

5 benefits of purpose:

  1. Direction for decisions.
  2. Fulfillment in difficulty.
  3. Energy to face challenges and seize opportunities.
  4. Stamina to keep going. Leaders with purpose find a way. Leaders without purpose find a way out.
  5. Clarity regarding relationships that matter.

If you want to matter, do things that fulfill your purpose.

Stop wasting time on urgent trivialities. Do something “important” today. But, how do you know what’s important?

3 ways to find personal purpose:

#1. Meet urgent needs. Don’t sit under a tree contemplating the meaning of life. Make a difference today.

Purpose finds people while they’re in motion.

#2. Monitor energy. Energy shows the way. The closer you get to your purpose the more energy you feel. Say yes to serving in ways that increase energy.

Energy points to purpose. Don’t find passion. Let passion find you.

#3. Interrogate results and impact. Ask customers, friends, family, and colleagues to explain:

  1. How they feel when they work with you.
  2. The value you bring that’s beyond just getting the job done.
  3. What they see in you, when you’re energized.

The things that matter most often take the most courage to embrace. Affirmations give people courage to embrace their deepest desires.

Leaders help people find purpose when they have conversations about energy and impact.

3 ways to find organizational purpose:

  1. Clarify long-term mission.
  2. Identify medium-term challenges and opportunities in view of long-term mission.
  3. Make current decisions based on medium-term challenges and opportunities.

How might leaders help others find purpose?

How might leaders find their purpose?