7 Ways to Enjoy Happiness

At best, sadness instigates change. But often it just kicks you in the gut.

Sadness doesn’t make things better.

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7 ways to enjoy happiness:

  1. Accept that deep down we all need the same thing, love. The people who frustrate you need the same thing the rest of us need. 
  2. Give your best self to the world. 
  3. Don’t worry about it if you aren’t willing to do something about it.
  4. Forget perfection.
  5. Let go offenses. People have weaknesses and do dumb things. The things you can’t let go destroy your happiness.
  6. Give yourself permission to enjoy your work. If all else fails, lift your head and smile.
  7. Accept your past.

Pressure to be happy makes sadness worse. There are plenty of times that sadness is appropriate. But, if you aren’t in one now, enjoy happiness.

Give yourself permission to be happy in an imperfect world. If you don’t, you’ll never be happy.

What keeps us from enjoying happiness?

Which of the 7 ways to enjoy happiness is most useful to you?