How to Bridge the Values Gap and Find Vitality

“Gaps in our lives drain the positive power to make a difference in the world.” Hyrum Smith, author of, “The 3 Gaps.”

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The 3 Gaps:

  1. The belief gap: Is there a difference between what you believe is true and what is actually true?
  2. The time gap: Is there a difference between what you did today and what you said you’d do?
  3. The values gap: Is there a gap between what matters most to you and what you’re doing?

Bridging the values gap:

My wife is on a mission to declutter our home. But really, it’s deeper than that.

All the stuff in our storage room feels like dead weight to her. Worse than physical space, it takes up mental and emotional space, as well.

Yesterday, on a walk, I asked her a series of questions that uncovered her values.

  1. What is clutter? After all, clutter to one is treasure to another.
  2. What do you need to do to declutter? (Insert any goal in the place of declutter.)
  3. Is that all? Provide time to think about the project.
  4. Where would you like to start? Explore the process.
  5. What do you need to get started? Identify needed resources.
  6. Who might help?
  7. How long will it take? Establish a deadline with the big picture in mind.
  8. When can you start? Move from general to specific.
  9. How can I help?
  10. Anything else?

The question:

You might, at this point, believe her governing value is order. That’s partially right.

“What would it feel like to have your home decluttered?” I asked.

“Freedom,” she replied without hesitation. “Everything you own, owns a piece of you.”

“So this is a freedom project?” I asked.


Her lesser value is order. The situational value that energizes her is freedom.

Vitality is the result of living your deepest values.

How might leaders tap into the energy of living their values?

How might leaders help others tap into the energy of living their values?


“The 3 Gaps,” is a wonderful read with practical application for leaders.

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