What if You Ran Toward the Train

Hi David,

I’d ask how your week is going but it’s probably like most weeks you have, crazy-busy.

you don't grow when you work. You grow when you rest and reflect.png-001

I’ve been thinking about the metaphor of the train coming down the track.

If you recall, you spoke of the “train” when we were discussing how to prepare for issues bearing down on you like:

  1. Board meetings.
  2. Important client meetings.
  3. Coaching a team member.
  4. Dealing with performance issues.
  5. Delivering financials.

I think every leader knows the feeling of a train coming down the track. You can’t stop it. If you don’t prepare for it, it will run you over. Oozing out of the metaphor is the dripping concern that things are falling through the cracks.

Frankly, things are falling through the cracks. The only hope is that something important doesn’t get lost in the chaos.

Acted upon vs. taking action:

The metaphor of the “train coming down the track” has the feel of being acted upon. It feels a little powerless, even helpless.

When you used the train metaphor, I don’t think you meant to sound like a victim. Frankly, you didn’t get where you are by being weak.

Here’s a different metaphor. What comes to mind if you imagine yourself running toward the train instead of waiting for it?

I’ve heard an eagerness, even joy, in your voice for taking on big challenges. I’m challenging you to stop thinking about trains coming down the track. Start thinking about moving toward them.

Give yourself at least thirty minutes every day to reflect on your journey.

  1. Reconnect with what matters most to you.
  2. Consider how far you’ve come.
  3. Think about where you want to go in the short-term.
  4. Choose a new behavior to employ today. Make it something small.

You don’t grow when you’re working. You grow when you rest and reflect.



(The issues are real. The name at the top of this post is fictitious.)