The Long-Nose Leader

You can’t bring out the best in others while looking down your nose.

Devalued people perform below their potential.

you can't bring out the best in others while looking down your nose

You need a nose job if you:

  1. Think about what others do wrong and what you do right.
  2. Interrupt while others are talking.
  3. Focus on weaknesses in others and strengths in yourself.
  4. One up. Whatever you do is always better than what others do.
  5. Minimize the progress others make and magnify the progress you make. Long-nose leaders are surrounded by people who aren’t good enough.
  6. Tear down others to build up yourself.
  7. Text during meetings.

Surround yourself:

They say great leaders surround themselves with people who are better than themselves. How are you looking up-to, rather than down-on, the people around you?

Lousy leaders look down on people they should look up to.

The more self-important you become, the less successful you are. Superiority in leaders breeds inferiority in teams. Most will go along. Some will leave before they confront your long nose.

Position perverts perspective.

7 ways to give yourself a nose job:

  1. Invite others to give you negative feedback. When was the last time someone corrected you?
  2. Invite a teammate to help you improve your leadership. Adopt a learners attitude.
  3. Go to your boss and ask them to help you improve something.
  4. Hang out with front-line employees regularly. Have lunch in the lunch room twice a week.
  5. Explore suggestions. “Tell me more.” Every time you explain why things shouldn’t change, you solidify the past.
  6. Stop gossiping.
  7. Say thank you. Take gratitude walks on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.
  8. Make service your guiding light.
  9. Enable others to outshine you.
  10. Share what you’re learning from mistakes.

Bonus: Never hire anyone unless they are better than you in their area of expertise.

How might leaders give themselves a nose job?

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