Become an Artist and Other Secrets to Success

you can't be forced to do what you enjoy

Three keys to Success:

#1. Become an artist.

Paint a picture of personal success in your mind. Avoid artificial goals like money, power, and prestige. Paint with colors that express your values.

Try things like generosity, adding value, relationships, challenge, making a difference, and growth.

You never succeed when living someone else’s values.

The thing about pictures they never told you: The pictures you paint in your twenties and thirties lose they’re luster in your forties and fifties. What matters now, might not matter then.

Let go of dreams that don’t matter anymore or risk irrelevance.

#2. Enjoyment matters.

I’ve seen miserable “successes”. Reaching the C-suit and being miserable isn’t success.

I carry some give-away money. I enjoy meeting a need or giving a generous tip. I do it because I enjoy it.

Serve in ways that bring you pleasure.

Enjoyment is energy.

#3. Push through pain and adversity.

Life pivots on pain-points. Pain is good. I wish enjoyment was all that mattered.

Don’t worry about seeking pain. Aspiration is painful.

Pain is the point where ordinary becomes extraordinary.

The way you process pain determines the quality of your life and leadership.

7 benefits of pain:

  1. Adversity clarifies what matters.
  2. Failure expands compassion and deepens authenticity.
  3. Mistakes teach you what works, if you own them.
  4. Resistance points the way to extraordinary. Ease is the path to average.
  5. Defeat sweetens success.
  6. Confrontation softens your edges and hardens your resolve.
  7. Pain says your pushing yourself.

Leaders who avoid painful problems never maximize their potential. 

7 questions successful leaders ask:

  1. What is your personal picture of success?
  2. What acts of service do you find most enjoyable?
  3. What difficult conversation are you avoiding. Avoiders spiral inward and collapse.
  4. How are you pushing through reluctance?
  5. What painful situation do you need to address?
  6. What painful decision are you avoiding?
  7. Who might know?

What are the keys to success?