How to Nudge Selfish People Toward Service

Service is repulsive to self-serving jerks, but self-service limits leaders.

The more you serve yourself, the more you expect others to serve you.

To servant leaders, serving is opportunity. 

serving is nobel - nudging people toward service moves them toward nobillity

4 facets of service:

#1. Serving is stepping outside yourself. To the selfish, service is something received. You can’t serve others and be filled with yourself. 

Self-service elevates self-consciousness. The self-conscious make themselves the center.

Serving is placing others at the center.

#2. Serving is seeking another’s highest good. The most profound responsibility of leadership is seeking the highest good of customers, stakeholders, organizations, and communities.

Seeking the highest good of others is both motivation and expression of servant leadership.

#3. Serving is freedom. The difference between enslaving obligation and liberating opportunity is dedication to service. You don’t “have to” serve. You “get to” serve.

Life apart from service collapses inward.

#4. Serving is noble. The greatest are those who serve the most. The more you serve, the more valuable you become.

Serving expands life.

Nudging people toward service moves them toward nobility.

How to nudge selfish people toward service:

#1. Get self-centered people talking about people who served them.

  1. Who, from your past, made your life better?
  2. Who is making your life better today?
  3. What good things do you remember about people who made your life better?
  4. What were the people who made your life better like?

#2. Nudge people toward service by inviting them to emulate those who served them.

  1. How might you do for others today, what others did for you?
  2. How are you like the people who served you?
  3. How might you reflect today, the qualities of someone who served you?
  4. What would the person who served you do in this situation?

#3. Follow through.

  1. I’d love to hear what you’re learning about yourself.
  2. When can we get together to talk again.

How might servant leaders nudge others toward service?

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