7 Essential Beliefs For Leadership Success

Inconsistency hobbles success. Essential beliefs explain what matters most.

Influence beliefs – change lives.

inconsistent leaders need positional authority to get what they want

A leader’s essential beliefs:

  1. Inform decisions. What you believe about yourself, others, and the future informs daily decisions.
  2. Enable “no”. Leaders – apart from essential beliefs – end up pushed around by trivialities.
  3. Empower self-evaluation. How do your leadership behaviors line up with what you believe about leadership?

7 essential beliefs for leadership success:

#1. Identity determines function. The most important thing about you is who you are, not what you do. Who you are always finds behavioral expression.

Fulfillment demands alignment between identity and behavior.

  1. Believe you matter.
  2. Believe you have a place.
  3. Believe your talent fulfills a unique function within your organization.
  4. Emulate great qualities in others, but never lose your identity.

#2. Leaders go first. Pointing the way is a beginning. Modeling the way is essential. Personal exemption undermines self-indulgent leaders.

Inconsistent leaders need positional authority to get what they want.

#3. People come first. The higher you go, the more necessary it becomes to focus on people.  

  1. Know people.
  2. Respect people.
  3. Challenge people.
  4. Support people.
  5. Serve people.

Great people deliver great results.

#4. Treat everyone like a volunteer. Peter Drucker wisely said, “Accept the fact that we have to treat almost anybody as a volunteer.” What happens to your attitude when you stop using pay checks as billy clubs?

Winning hearts is more powerful than coercing conformity.

#5. Coach to maximizes potential. Coaching through challenges develops people and delivers great results.

#6. Focus on opportunities – problem solving distracts. Overcome the false belief that fixing problems delivers lasting value. Leaders who constantly put out fires have lost their effectiveness.

Leadership concerns the future.

#7. Progress trumps perfection. Imperfect action today is better than “perfect” action tomorrow. Stalled talent drives leaders crazy.

Perfect as you go, not before.

This list of 7 essential beliefs for leadership success is my first pass at creating a personal leadership philosophy. What might be added, subtracted, or modified?

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