How to Tap the Power of Permission for Happiness

Unhappy leaders build miserable teams.

If you’re surrounded by unhappiness, it’s time to look in the mirror.

leaders give permission by the example they set

The power of permission:

Leaders gives permission by the example they set.

Leaders give teams permission to be happy by showing their own happiness. The power of permission shows up on front-line teams and in boardrooms. Corporate leaders – grown women and men – watch CEOs to determine if they’re allowed to be happy.

Successful leaders find ways to be happy and discontent at the same time. Happiness is about choice, character, and conduct. Discontent is about the world around you.

Humility makes you happy. Misery springs from arrogance.

4 ways arrogance makes leaders unhappy:

Nothing’s ever good enough for arrogant jerks.

  1. Focus on the good you feel you deserve.
  2. Look down on others – feel superior because of position.
  3. Expect others to serve you – serve yourself.
  4. Concentrate on your strengths and the weaknesses of others. We all know your weaknesses aren’t as bad as the frailties of others.

3 ways to find happiness in humility:

Think of humility as a practice, not a feeling.

  1. Show gratitude for lessons learned from failure. The really great stuff you know came through screwing up. Allow others to learn from failure.
  2. Reflect on the strengths and talents of those around you. (Something leaders need to do more.)
    1. Make a strengths list for your teammates.
    2. Have “you’re great at” conversations. Then ask, “How might you apply your greatness?”
    3. Ask for input, feedback, or help from a team member’s area of expertise.
  3. Reflect on your frailties from time to time, but don’t dwell there.
    1. Make an “I suck at” list. (Don’t use this as an excuse.)
    2. Consider how others are putting up with you. You might begin by thinking how you’re putting up with others to get in the mood.
    3. How are others compensating for your weaknesses?

A leader’s happiness is permission for others to be happy.

How does arrogance produce unhappiness?

How does humility produce happiness?