The Complete List of Strategies that Ignite Growth in Others

Growth answers death, decline, and disappointment.

Growth is:

  1. Test driving behaviors that feel ‘wrong’.
  2. Doing old things in new ways.
  3. Letting go.
  4. Change.

The world changes when you change.


Part 1:

#1. Speak directly to the heart.

#2. Point out where people don’t serve themselves well.

#3. Provide opportunity to reflect.

#4. Come along side gently after failure.

Part 2:

#5. See strength in others.

Part 3:

#6. Create a safety net.

Take away the reasons people play it safe, if you want to ignite new growth.

Make it safe:

  1. Their identity may be fully connected to performance. If they fail, they become failures. You might ask, “Who would you be, if you failed at this?”
  2. Explore the worst that might happen.
  3. Prioritize learning. Keep asking:
    1. What are you learning about yourself?
    2. What are you learning about others?
    3. What are you learning about leading?
  4. Adopt a ‘make it better’, not a ‘make it perfect’ approach.
  5. Celebrate effort. Confront excuses.

#7. Affirm vulnerability.

Always pause and honor people when they are transparent and vulnerable. Notice what they did or said. Say, “Thank you for saying that.”

Vulnerability is the path to authenticity. Respect it.

#8. Dig into patterns of frustration.

Growth includes breaking old patterns. Strong people tend to try harder when frustrated. Provide opportunities to develop and test alternatives to old behaviors.

#9. ‘Go with’ when they complain about themselves.

When someone says they think they aren’t good at something, go with it. Don’t comfort them. Say, “What would you like to do about that?”

#10. Include them.

Give someone a project-specific seat at the table. Coach them. See if they grow into it.

#11. Model personal growth.

  1. Share lessons learned from mistakes.
  2. Read and share books that you’ve marked up.
  3. Brag about what you learned from someone else.

#12. Give tough feedback.

Cut to heal.

Pivotal growth often happens on the heels of painful feedback.

How might leaders ignite and maximize growth in others?

*This is the final installment of a 3 part series on igniting growth in others.