The 3 Most Read Leadership Freak Blogs of 2016


#1 – How Any Leader Can Kickstart and Land a Powerful Conversation

You look for an escape when blabbing leaders arrive. But a leader skilled at powerful conversations is a thing of beauty.

Readers enjoyed the lists of ten questions for kickstarting and 10 questions for landing powerful conversations.

#2 – 10 Questions When Choosing Leaders

One of the most painful mistakes of leadership is choosing the wrong leaders.

The difference between success and failure begins with choosing the right leaders. (And ejecting the wrong.)

This post includes three common mistakes we make when choosing leaders.

#3 – 10 Ways to be a Leader People Choose to Follow

Authority, position and title won’t make you a leader.

Don’t worry about being a leader. Worry about being a person worthy of being followed.

This post is the result of a conversation I had a with a team of leaders. I asked them to describe the qualities of people they have chosen to follow.

On a personal note:

2016 completes the sixth year of Leadership Freak. (2,352 total posts.)  You are part of a tribe of readers from every country on the globe.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve.

Happy New Year!

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