5 Guaranteed Ways to Pour Slop Out of Your Bucket

Overbooked, overwhelmed, and over-committed …

You have slop in your bucket. Life grows meaningless as time passes, unless you pour out the slop.

5 guaranteed ways to pour slop out of your bucket:

#1. Identify slop:

The trouble with slop is it comes disguised as fulfillment. You end up carrying a bucket of putrescent slop. The weight of your bucket feels impressive. Before long it smells like crap.


  1. Repeated activities that lack long-term impact.
  2. Good activities that don’t contribute to meaningful goals.
  3. Every activity that’s disconnected from values.

What’s stinks in your bucket?

#2. Seize more opportunities – solve fewer problems:

Pour fresh water in your bucket by asking, “What opportunities might we seize today?” Everyone who focuses on solving problems camps in the past.

It’s hard to build the future when you’re always fixing the past. Work to create something new rather than fix something broken. Problem-solving centers on something that already happened. 

An opportunity seized is a problem solved.

What opportunity might you seize today?

#3. Seek significance not busyness:

The seduction of feeling important because you’re busy trivializes leaders.

I asked Jon Acuff how to pour slop out of the bucket. He mentioned our need to feel important by being busy.

Jon on feeling important (1:16) Listen for the tip on delegating at the end.

How might you seek significance over busyness?

#4. Choose joy:

Jon also suggested making a long list of everything we do. Identify the things we enjoy. Do more of that.

How might you listen to joy?

#5. Embrace the irresistible yes:

I’ve come to believe that learning to say ‘no’ is pathetic. It suggests we don’t have an irresistible ‘yes’. Say ‘yes’ to something so captivating that saying ‘no’ is necessary.

What mighty ‘yes’ is calling you?

Once it’s gone, time never returns.

How might leaders pour slop out of their buckets?

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