6 Ways to Harness the Magic of Growth Routines

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6 ways leaders harness the magic of growth routines:

The most successful growth leaders wisely use routines to get more done. Whether it’s a daily run, a daily shop-floor walk and talk, or a weekly chat to customers; they focus on what’s important and then create routines to make it happen.

Growth routines create new habits and ways of thinking. Here are a few simple ideas to help you harness the power of growth routines:

  1. Identify the most critical new attitude or way of thinking that your growth strategy requires and then create a simple routine to turn it into a habit.
  2.  Identify critical stakeholders who will play a role in executing your growth strategy. Create routines that bring their perspective into your thinking or increase positive interactions with them. Sometimes customer boards serve this purpose well. We work with a payments company whose employees volunteer to act as brand ambassadors who visit merchants to observe them and learn about their experiences with payments.
  3. Create a simple routine to build outside-in thinking. For example, my company uses Facebook@Work and we’ve created a special group to share news about our customers and their industries. We invite customers to share content for this app, too.
  4. Create a simple routine to bring customers into your innovation process (yes, we’re talking about customer-aligned innovation). In my firm, we regularly cocreate new services with our customers.
  5. Less is more! Prioritize your routines and decide how many you can absorb and utilize. Manage the set like a portfolio. Once a routine is habit, try out another one. But don’t move on until the routine is embedded. Really embedded.

Give each routine a few tries to see if it can work.

What routines have made a difference for your leadership, team, or organization?


20 free books!!!

Leave a comment on this post by 3/18/2017 to become eligible to win one of twenty complimentary copies of Dr. Alison Eyring’s new book, Pacing for Growth

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