How to Ignite a Growth Point for Talent in 10 Minutes or Less


Everyone knows the frustration of working with unqualified, uncertain, unproductive team members.

One reason you’re stressed out is you haven’t developed the people around you.

one reason you're overworked is you haven't developed the talent around you


Everything feels like pushing a rope when the team around you hasn’t developed their talent. But leaders who develop people eventually feel pulled forward.

The future depends on developing the people on your team.

5 steps to a growth point:

#1. What comes to mind when you think about your own leadership?

My question was directed to the young man who picked me up at the hotel. He will graduate from college soon. He’s already leading.

He told me he notices that he has influence and that he enjoys taking the lead when things need to get done.

#2. What do you see yourself doing (behaviors) when you are leading successfully?

“I like to encourage people to take on new challenges,” he answered.

His answer intrigued me because it didn’t align with his response to my first question. But we only had a few minutes before he dropped me off. I went with it.

#3. I restated his responses. Asked if I got it. He said that I did. With time short, I pressed forward.

#4. What gets in the way of you being a leader who helps others take on new challenges?

He immediately said, “I could be a little more proactive.” His quick response that pointed to personal responsibility encouraged me.

“Thanks for saying that,” I said.

#5. What might you do this afternoon that would be a little more proactive in helping people take on new challenges?

We stopped at the door and it was time for me to get out. I left him with a point of growth that he could take up or let drop. It took about 7 minutes.

What issues must be addressed before leaders work to ignite growth points for talent?

What do you do to develop the talent around you?

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