How to Maximize the Feeler-Leader on Your Team

The best way to maximize talent is to first understand their motivation.

the best way to maximize talent is to first understand motivation


  • Feelers care about getting things done with people. Think relationships.
  • Dreamers care about what’s next. Think progress.
  • Doers care about getting things done the right way. Think process.


  • Feelers connect and protect.
  • Dreamers love making things better.
  • Doers organize and check things off the list.

Everyone has all three motivations. You’re great at one. Average at another. And weak in the third. 

A Feeler-Leader:

I know the founder of a multinational organization who is a feeler/dreamer/doer. He’s great with relationships. He dreams of connecting people. Organization isn’t his strength.

Papa bear:

The ‘Feeler-Leader’ (FL) isn’t weak.

The founding Feeler-Leader (FL) told me a story about hiring a speaker for a relationship-building leadership retreat. FL was frustrated with the speaker because he left the group to play golf one afternoon, rather than connecting with the participants.

FL met the speaker on the 18th hole and told him he could go home. “We don’t need you anymore.”

Feeler-Leaders honor and protect relationships.


Never tell a Feeler… (Well, almost never.)…

  1. It doesn’t matter how people feel.
  2. Relationships aren’t important.
  3. Conflict isn’t a big deal.
  4. Be aggressive and meet this challenge head on.
  5. Work on your own. Feelers enjoy meeting needs and working with others.


You don’t have to choose between results and relationships to deliver results.

Successful leaders deliver results through relationships.

Doers and Dreamers are more inclined to pressure people. “Just shut-up and do it. We’ll have time to feel good after the work is done.”

Leaders with heart change lives. Leaders without heart may get things done, but they often step on people in the process.

What are the strengths and weaknesses of Feeler-Leaders?

What value do Feeler-Leaders bring to organizations?