A Simple Strategy for Making a Bigger Difference Today

Other people helped you get where you are. Do that for someone else.

Don’t wait for people to come to you. Opportunities slip away while you wait.

Seek opportunities to help others see their power.

Transformational conversations:

You make a difference when you inspire others to make a difference.

  1. Ask people to tell their stories. Listen for achievements and frustrations. Successes illustrate competencies. Frustrations reveal unfulfilled passions.
  2. Invite people to talk about their aspirations. Spend less time talking about yourself and more time focused on others. 
  3. Prepare to hear negatives before positives. When you ask people what they want, they tell you what they don’t want. Don’t get sucked into the black hole. Complaints are the underbelly of opportunities.
  4. Ask questions that explore self-limiting beliefs.
    • I’m not sure what to do. “If you were sure, what would you do?”
    • I’m afraid I might fail. “What would someone who isn’t afraid do next?”
    • I don’t have anything to offer. “If you had something to offer, what would it be?”
    • No one will help. “If you found people to help, what would you say to recruit them?”
  5. Remind people of their aspirations. (See #2.) People give up on themselves. Believe in others, even when they lose hope. A leader’s power is reminding people of the best hopes they have for themselves.
  6. Carve away at the elephant until you have a small slice on your plate. Leadership is always about next steps. You aren’t leading until someone is excited to take the next step.
  7. Look for something small and quickly achievable. The path to big opportunities is paved by grabbing small possibilities.

Bonus: Help people try something new. Don’t do it for them! One way to matter more is by doing something you’ve never done.

Never let distant uncertainties block the pursuit of near certainties.

How might you make a bigger difference in the world today?