The Seven Powers of Gratitude

Choose the freedom of thankfulness over the headwind of ingratitude. “Un” ruins leaders. Ungrateful leaders become unkind, unhelpful, and unconnected.

Ungratefulness is a buffeting headwind.

The seven powers of gratitude:

#1. Gratitude energizes those who receive it and frees those who express it.

#2. Gratitude invites a painful past to expand vision and mission. But ungratefulness frowns at the future.

#3. Gratitude beats back fear and worry.

#4. Gratitude absorbs frustration.

#5. Gratitude deflates arrogance.

#6. Gratitude fuels creativity.

#7, Gratitude expands influence.


  1. Soars; bitterness binds.
  2. Celebrates; ungratefulness complains.
  3. Connects; fear retreats.
  4. Invites; ungratefulness repels.

People run toward gratefulness and away from ingratitude.


Four gratitude practices:

Think of gratitude as a behavior not a feeling. Practice it; don’t wait to feel it.

  1. Before composing an email think of one thing you appreciate about the recipient.
  2. Before meetings write one thing you respect about each person around the table.
  3. Avoid the “but” after noticing something you appreciate. Give yourself permission to let gratitude stand on its own.
  4. Schedule brief gratitude walks three times a week.

What are the powers of gratitude? The dangers of ungratefulness? 

How might leaders practice gratitude?