The One Question for 2018

Your personal plan for 2018 begins with:

  1. Exploring ROE (Return on Energy). What jazzed you up in 2017?
  2. Exposing things that didn’t work. What sucked the life out of you in 2017?
  3. Forgetting about others. How will you focus on things within your control?

An exercise to find clarity:

Feel the victory:

With answers to the above questions in mind, take an imaginary trip one year into the future. Pages, one by one, fly off the calendar.

See yourself looking back from the future. It’s December 31, 2018. It’s New Year’s Eve again.

Your hands are lifted in victory. Fireworks are exploding. People who matter most to you are slapping your back and giving you high fives.

Weep for joy. Feel the victory. 

The one question for 2018:

With your hands raised in triumph, ask yourself, “What one thing did you accomplish in 2018 that made you lift your hands in victory?”

Stick with one thing. 

A basic plan:

Keep your victory in mind. Travel, month by month, back from the future to the present.

Adopt Peter Block’s insight, “The answer to how is yes.” Worry about “how” to accomplish your victory later.

What high level goals come to mind? Don’t worry about getting specific at this point. You might be able to set monthly goals. If not, go with what comes to mind.

Record your thoughts and insights for future reflection and conversation.


Consider ROE. (The first question on this post.)

How do the things that give you energy fuel your future victory?

A team:

Great achievements require teams.

  1. Who needs to be part of the journey with you?
  2. How are they reaching their own victories by helping you reach yours?
  3. How might you approach them?

What might you add to this exercise to make it more effective?

How might you use this exercise for others?