Three Qualities Needed to be a Better Boss

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What attracts Top Talent?

This question spawned the research behind the book Talent Magnet. We knew, if we could look at the world of work from the perspective of Top Talent, we could attract more of them. Here’s the first of our three big findings . . .

Top Talent wants a Better Boss.

Who wants a bad boss? Actually, no one. However, the caliber of the boss is a condition of employment for Top Talent.

A Better Boss is one who is available, engaged, and committed to adding value to everyone he or she leads. Obviously, this is a tall order—but it is critical if you want to attract Top Talent and keep Top Talent.

First, Top Talent wants to work for a leader who sees them as an individual, not just as an employee. They have a story and a life outside of work, and therefore want to be known, listened to, appreciated, and celebrated. They don’t want to feel like a hired hand who merely contributes to the leader’s bottom line.

Second, Top Talent desires access to their leader. They have ideas, experiences, questions, and skills they want to share. They want to make a difference. When leaders allow input, they communicate value. When leaders don’t listen, they kill morale and engagement, causing existing Top Talent to look for the exits, and certainly deterring future stars from joining the organization.

Finally, Top Talent wants to be challenged. They truly love being inspired by a compelling vision, and thrive while pursuing and achieving big goals. They even embrace being held accountable to the highest standards.

Acquiring and keeping Top Talent can become your ultimate competitive advantage. If you truly intend to become a Talent Magnet, start with a decision to be a Better Boss.

What was your best boss like?

How might leaders be better bosses?

Mark Miller is the best-selling author of seven books, an in-demand speaker, and the Vice President of High-Performance Leadership at Chick-fil-A. In his latest book, Talent Magnet: How to Attract and Keep the Best People, Mark reveals the three critical aspects of a true Talent Magnet, and explores the daily implications for leaders.

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