7 Ways to Instill Confidence in Those Who Lack Boldness

Treating people like losers tends to cause them to act like losers. The power of a respected leader is their ability to help others believe in themselves.

People who believe they matter tend to act like they matter.

Respected leaders have the power to infuse confidence in others. When you help someone believe they matter, you expand potential, theirs, yours, and the team’s.

7 ways to instill confidence in those who lack boldness:

#1. Extend respect. When people you respect treat you like you’re not the knucklehead you think you are, it causes you to hold them in high regard and fills your heart with confidence.

#2. Speak hard truths. Shielding people says you believe they’re incompetent. The foundation for tough conversations is a big heart. Point out poor performance with compassion and forward-facing curiosity.

Backward-facing beat-downs seldom lift potential.

#3. Use the magic words, “Next time.” Ask, “What will you do differently next time?”A track record of incremental success builds confidence.

#4. Be an accountability partner. Make commitments to each other. Follow-through bolsters confidence.

Inaction increases fear.

#5. Stand with people as they press through fear.

Confidence comes after you press through fear, not before.

#6. Provide a safety net. Ask, “What could we put in place that would make you comfortable moving forward?” First steps provide confidence for next steps.

#7. Give them a copy of, “Presence,” by Amy Cuddy.

Failure as a confidence building tool:

The need to succeed without falling short produces insecurity.

Transform failure into a tool of learning and growth.

  1. Demystify failure. Share your foibles. Reaching high always includes falling short, at least in the beginning.
  2. Honor responsible failure. Preparation is central to responsible failure. Irresponsible failure happens when someone doesn’t bring their best to the challenge.

How might leaders instill confidence in those who lack boldness?