The True Power of Purpose

Purpose works when others rest and keep trying when success only flickers in the distance.

A leader with purpose can’t be stopped.


When you find purpose, you’re like a dog chasing a tennis ball. You run over children, knock over furniture, and dive through hedges to get your ball. When you get it, it’s heaven AND you can’t wait to chase that ball again.

Purpose gives you eyes to see. A social worker turns toward a street person. Others look away. Purpose makes the difference.

Purpose makes you do things that look foolish. The purposeless wonder why you care or bother to try. But a man or woman with purpose MUST try.

It’s frustrating to live without purpose, but don’t get the wrong idea. It’s frustrating to live with purpose as well.

Forget others:

Purpose makes you frustrated with others. A woman or man with purpose can’t figure out why others choose to drift. Beware the draining power of expecting others to share your purpose.

Disappointment with others sucks the life out of you. Don’t expect others to fulfill YOUR purpose.

The things you think others should do are the things YOU should do.

Forget the drifters. Don’t allow deadbeats and drifters to drain purpose from you.

Purpose is insulted when you wait for others. But you find purpose when you meet a need.

Every day:

Live your purpose imperfectly everyday. Meet the need at hand. Never mind that others don’t see what you see.

You will never find the big purpose of life if you don’t meet small needs every day.

Purpose emerges as you serve, not before.

Don’t ask, “Why can’t I do more or be better?” Forget that BS.

Ask, “What could I do right now to bring advantage to others?”

What does having purpose do to/for people?