The First Enemy of Purpose

Meaningful purpose energizes the purposeless status quo into resistance and opposition. It might be passive resistance. It might be active opposition. But the goals are the same.

The goals of resistance and opposition are distraction and failure.

The immature believe everyone should embrace their dream. They’re shocked at adversaries.

Disappointment with those who don’t ‘get it’ demoralizes purpose. 


Adversaries cheer when you fall short and fail.

Antagonists and accusers stand outside the boat yelling:

  1. You’re not able.
  2. You don’t matter.
  3. It won’t work.
  4. Why bother?
  5. It’s going to take too long.
  6. You’re selfish.
  7. The problem is too big and your solution is too small.

Concern yourself with believers, not detractors.

Ignore those who wish you to fail.

Those who aren’t rowing with you create drag. Those who oppose row against.

Life suckers:

Anyone who intentionally sucks the life out of you contributes to failure. Determine their goal by the impact of their actions, not their smiles and platitudes.

Recognize the difference between critics who row with you and those who row sideways or against.

Ignore anyone who rows in the ‘wrong’ direction. 

The first enemy of purpose is distraction:

Distraction by disengaged detractors is the enemy of purpose.

Sideways energy always slows progress and dilutes energy.

Clarify your vision and throw anyone who can’t embrace it out of your boat. Give them a life vest. Ignore their pleas for help.

Meaningful purpose demands cut-throat clarity. Anyone who rows sideways must go.

Meaningful purpose calls you to put all your resources and energy in one boat. Some will think you’re foolish.

Go with true believers. Ignore the rest.

Purpose requires a closed mind. Focus your attention on fulfilling your purpose and close your mind to ‘good’ opportunities.

There are a million good things to do in the world, 999,999 are distractions.

What are the enemies of purpose?

How might leaders defeat the enemies of purpose?