7 Things Successful Leaders Never Delegate

Everything you hang on to eventually holds you back. But one day you will eventually let go of everything.

Apart from delegation, you’re overworked and frantic.

Delegation is the skill that makes remarkable success possible.

Delegation is the decision to:

  1. Lead.
  2. Trust others.
  3. Lead beyond personal capacity.
  4. Build capacity in others.
  5. Replace yourself. You’re a bottleneck if you aren’t replacing yourself.

Delegation is the decision to do less so you can do more.

Delegate tasks first; then delegate authority.

Assign specific tasks. See how people perform.

  1. Do they follow through?
  2. When did their energy go up?
  3. How are they interacting with others?
  4. Do they look for more?
  5. What are they learning?

After an employee demonstrates competence, initiative, and follow through, delegate authority.

Authority and responsibility:

The difference between assigning tasks and delegating authority is ownership and control.

You delegate a task when you say sweep the classroom floor.

You delegate authority when you say keep the classroom clean and provide the resources to get the job done.

Leaders are always responsible, even when they delegate authority.

7 Things successful leaders never delegate:

  1. Ultimate responsibility.
  2. Decisions that affect the entire organization.
  3. One-time tasks to people who don’t already have the skill to finish.
  4. High-risk activities to untested talent.
  5. Modeling behaviors that express values and build culture. Expect all leaders to Model the Way. Always expect more from yourself than you expect from others.
  6. Developing direct reports.
  7. Crisis management.

What are the principles of effective delegation?

What should never be delegated?