Grateful Leaders are Great Leaders

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What if you could improve your outlook and inspire your team by saying two small words. You can! What are these powerful words?

Thank you.

It’s easy to say thank you these days—a quick email, a short text. But, yet we don’t. We feel we’re too busy.

But showing gratitude meets a need humans share—self-actualization. We yearn to feel like we belong and are appreciated by others. We feel stuck if we do not feel this way. A leader who says “thank you” is a leader who engages his team and motivates them to do good work. Showing gratitude is positive reinforcement.

Two ways to amp up your gratitude attitude:

#1. Pay attention to yourself.

Be aware of what you have in life of which you should be grateful and renew that gratitude every day. Research shows gratitude not only makes us feel happier, it is a significant cause of positive outcomes.

#2. Pay attention to others.

People are drawn to you when you show appreciation and respect. Be aware of how you interact with others and how that affects your relationships.

Do you need to work on your gratitude? Try these easy practices.

  1. Track how many times you say “thank you” and how many times you don’t. Why didn’t you? Work to increase how many times you say those two words.
  2. Ask those closest to you how grateful they think you are. If you need work, ask how you can show your appreciation more.
  3. Identify three things daily you are grateful for. Write them down, tell a friend, or put it in your conscious.

Make counting your blessings and showing your appreciation a habit and you’ll promote a more positive outlook and become a more effective leader.

What gratitude practices might you suggest?

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David Nielson, CEO of DNA Worldwide, is a management consultant, executive coach and author of The 9 Dimensions of Conscious Success.