I Screwed Up

Sometimes when you try to fix a mistake you make things worse. Yesterday, I put the wrong month in WordPress when I scheduled today’s post. I quickly corrected the date. The effect was… Continue reading

3 Ways to Respond to Failure: Get a Bigger Nail

Stephen King hung rejection notices on a nail when he was a kid. When he turned 17, the nail fell out because of all the rejections he’d received. What did he do with… Continue reading

Idiots Don’t Take Notes

You had a brilliant thought and like an idiot didn’t write it down. The opportunity to record a brilliant idea is the time between a lightning flash and the thunder that follows. If… Continue reading

4 Things I Learned after 2 Weeks Vacation in Maine

Some vacations are about doing stuff but the best vacations don’t have agendas. When you need a vacation to recover from vacation, you did it wrong. Our plan was to live without a… Continue reading

Time Management: 7 Golden Rules for Golden Hours

We need reminders that everything we hope to do requires time and energy. Time management is the power to manage your schedule and your energy. You have two or three golden hours every… Continue reading

Saturday Sage: 7 Steps to Blow-up Logjams

In the early days of logging, specialized loggers called River Pigs pushed, pried, and pulled logs off rocks and debris to prevent logjams. On June 13, 1886, a log jam developed in the… Continue reading