An Elegant Accountability Practice for Today

Leaders often ask about ‘holding people accountable’. What they sometimes mean is, “How can I pressure resistance into compliance and still be a nice person?” Accountability increases resistance when it’s coercion wrapped in… Continue reading

My Subscriber List is Broken

The last Leadership Freak post that went to the subscriber list was published on May 23 (At least that’s the best I can tell). I apologize for this inconvenience. There are indications that… Continue reading

4 Questions that Guide Your Most Important Conversation

Quality of conversations predicts quality of life. I talk to strangers even though momma said not to. You talk to dogs, babies, team members, bosses, family members, neighbors, and store clerks. Some talk… Continue reading

Culture Shock: The Most Important Habit of a Great Manager

Peter Drucker said, “The purpose of business is to create and keep a customer.” Organizational culture is the way we treat each other while we do the work. Should you build a culture… Continue reading

7 Questions to Create Brag Time

Give team members brag time in one-on-one meetings. Bad stuff: Bad overshadows good. You’re rightly concerned about making things better and solving problems. But constant concerns suck the life out of people. You… Continue reading

Quiet Quitting – 5 Questions that Confront Quiet Quitting

Quiet quitting is a disaster. I’m not thinking about organizations. It’s a disaster for everyone. Doing the minimum at work is circling a black hole. Quiet quitting is disengagement. Disengagement is boring. Imagine… Continue reading