The Frosted Flakes Fiasco

Last Friday, my wife went out with a friend and I had a man-dinner. Sometimes, I grill a steak. No vegetables. Just beef and a beverage.

But this time I chose my second option.

Frosted Flakes:

I dropped bread in the toaster. The sugary goodness of Frosted Flakes called me. There’s nothing like buttered toast and Frosted Flakes. They’re Great!

Strangely, the sugary goodness lacked its usual punch. (I had dismissed a previous observation that some flakes didn’t glisten as much as usual.)

Maybe allergies were disrupting my taste buds? Just at the point where the milk usually reaches the perfect ratio of sweetness, I noticed limp flakes in my bowl.

The sugary coating on Frosted Flakes keeps them crunchy till the last bite. But these flakes were soggy and the bottom of the bowl wasn’t in sight. That’s when the bitter truth hit me.

There were corn flakes in my frosted flakes! How could this happen? That’s when the second bitter truth exploded in my brain. Someone had mixed corn flakes in the Frosted Flakes.

The only other person in our home is the wife God gave me. How could she?

I confronted my wife when she came home.

“Yes,” she said.

“How could you?”

“I needed space in the cupboard and there weren’t that many corn flakes left,” she said.

“It seemed like there were lots of corn flakes to me!” I complained.

“Well I shook them up,” was her sincere justification.

Leadership lessons:

#1. When things don’t look right, investigate. Don’t allow excitement for results to blur your judgement.

#2. Protect high performers from dead beats or everything gets soggy.

#3. Expectation assesses results. When you expect one thing and get another, it’s dissatisfying.

#4. Expect disappointment when values collide. She values cupboard space and I value pure frosted flakes.

What leadership lessons do you see in the Frosted Flakes Fiasco?