The Untapped Power that Connects Successful Teams

Teams that connect with each other go further with greater satisfaction.

What creates and strengthens connection?

Shared purpose:

  1. Purpose is a matter of heart.
  2. Purpose is bigger than goals.
  3. Shared purpose calls for constant pursuit.

Those who pursue shared purpose connect with each other.

Goals are achievable, but purpose is never fully achieved. Purpose is achieved in small ways every day, but you always begin again tomorrow.

Teams need goals AND purpose. Give each other high-fives for achieving goals. But purpose fuels pursuit.

Reason for existence:

Your goal is to grow the business by 15% this year. But what’s your purpose?

Possible purpose statements for leadership teams:

  • We exist to inspire the people who serve our customers.
  • We exist to equip and release leaders who are committed to our vision.

The mission of your organization informs the purpose of your leadership.

The purpose question:

Suppose your leadership team’s purpose is to inspire the people who serve your customers. The purpose question is simple, challenging, and persistent.

How will we inspire the people who serve our customers today?

Goals are achieved, but purpose lives in the heart.

Where purpose lives, energy, direction, and connection follow.


People who work on shared purpose love and respect each other.

I work with a team whose purpose is to create environments where people learn and grow. Purpose provides never ending opportunity, satisfaction, and connection. A few purpose questions that apply to us …

  1. How do we handle transitions during a meeting in order to maintain trajectory?
  2. How do we make it safe for people to interact with each other?
  3. How do we create engagement?
  4. How can we provide opportunity for people to share what they are learning?

Pursuit of shared purpose establishes and strengthens connection.

What are some possible purpose statements for leadership teams?

How might a team develop a clear purpose statement?


Start with Why (Simon Sinek)

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