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7 Alternatives to Traditional Gift Exchanges in the Office – #1 Don’t Do it

“Christmas means carnage,” Ferdinand, the duck in the movie, Babe: Pig in the City. A feast for one is tragedy for another. I hope you put an end to traditional gift exchanges in… Continue reading

4 Ways Coaching-Managers Lower Stress and Succeed with Tough Conversations

Discomfort often tips people toward new behaviors. 4 ways to succeed with tough conversations: #1. Have them quickly. Delay makes matters worse. Say-what-you-see as soon as possible. If you’re concerned that you could be… Continue reading

When Silence is Painful, Not Golden

Failure to bring up disappointing performance is cruel, not compassionate. Apart from intervention, negative trajectory accelerates.   When silence is painful, not golden: Silence when performance disappoints prolongs pain, increases stress, and affirms… Continue reading

How to Rise Above Squeaky-Wheel Leadership and Energize Top Performance

Squeaky-wheel leaders spend too much time focused on broken stuff. The seduction of squeaky-wheel leadership makes confused leaders feel important. But, ultimately it means: Failure outshines progress. Poor performers take priority over top. Environments… Continue reading

5 Things That Make Nearly Any Meeting Great

I’ve been in some meetings that I couldn’t wait to end. I’ve led a few myself. Five things that make nearly any meeting great: #1. Kind candor and courageous transparency abound. Courageous transparency… Continue reading

3 Surprising Ways to Lead – Even if You Haven’t Led Before

You might be a great leader if you stopped shooting yourself in the foot. 5 self-defeating leadership behaviors: Asking too many questions about the past. Allowing narrow bands of competence to blind you… Continue reading