The Power of Adapting

You might like to think that humankind should adapt to God, but Christmas is God adapting to humankind.

Adapting overcomes distance and allows connection.

Mutual adapting:

Relationship requires mutual adapting.

Teams thrive when they adapt to each other.

I prefer to think that I’m adapting to others. It allows me to feel superior. The uncomfortable truth is others adapt to me.

“Putting up with” is a less comfortable expression for adapting.

The people around you put up with your irritating qualities, perhaps more than you would like to acknowledge. They adjust to your strengths, weaknesses, and quirks.

The language of adapting:

  1. Celebrate difference. You don’t have to be like each other to have a relationship.
  2. Compassion for struggle. Situations that are easy for you are difficult for others.
  3. Challenge that stretches another but doesn’t reject them.

Adapting today:

Muslim and Jewish readers are adapting right now, along with anyone reading this post who doesn’t celebrate Christmas.

Those of you celebrating Christmas may be adapting to others right now. Perhaps you’re putting up with a relative you don’t like. Congratulations! You might not feel noble, but adapting is god-like.


You can’t adapt to everyone. I remember reading an essay about a town that built a kitchen for a group of cannibals. You know what happened.

Those who don’t add value to organizational mission and vision might be good people, but don’t adapt to them. Be kind, but not accommodating.

Merry Christmas

(This post is adapted from, “Christmas is an Accommodation.”