How to Deal with Details for Leaders Who Hate Details

Wrapping gifts sucks the life out of me. Before I wrap, I dread it. While I wrap, I hate it. All I think about is being done with it.

The details drain me.

Dealing with Details for leaders who Hate Details:

Leaders can’t ignore details, even if they hate them.

#1. Don’t beat yourself down if you’re lousy with details.

Frustration over weakness points to arrogance, magnifies weakness, and distracts energy.

#2. Acknowledge weaknesses to others.

It’s doubly draining to pretend you’re strong where you’re weak.

You respect and leverage strength in others when you openly accept your weakness.

Acknowledge weakness to fuel energy, both yours and theirs.

#3. Trust the strength of others but remember you’re ultimately responsible.

Detail-people trust you when you trust their strength.

Questions to ask detail-people if you hate details:

  1. What should I care about?
  2. What should I notice?
  3. What are three critical factors of success?
  4. Who should I talk with?
  5. What one thing should I learn about?
  6. Who is essential to success? What should I know about them?
  7. What one question should I ask that I’m not asking?

Tip: Add a limiting number to your questions if you have a detail-person who sucks you into every detail. See 3, 5, and 7 above.

Functioning in weakness:

Limit exposure. The only gifts I ever wrap are for my wife. Wrapping her gifts is one way I show her my love.

Value others. Notice details to let others know they matter. When you ignore details, you give detail-people the impression that details don’t matter.

Expand the team. People with strengths you don’t have expand team potential. They are more important to the team than people who share your strengths.

Tip: Beware the danger of devaluing people who are strong where you’re weak.

If you’re good with details, what would you like from leaders who hate details?

How might leaders successfully navigate details?

(“How to Wrap a Gift,” is the reason I HATE wrapping!)