The Power of Mother-Leader

I’ve been asking people to complete this sentence. “My mom is reflected in my life when I ….” (You can add a bit of explanation.)

If leadership is influence, mother is the first leader most meet.

I know mom is an important influence because there’s deep emotion when people reflect on their mothers. Often there’s joy. A few people don’t want to talk about their mothers.

It doesn’t matter if you love mom or push her out of memory. Mom is a powerful influence.

The power of mother-leadership:


If you don’t admire mom, you wish you could. Admiration is an open door.

A good word from someone you admire does more good. A hurtful word does more harm.

Admiration multiplies your power to help or harm.

Admiration is power.


“Study finds that mothers determine chimps’ lifelong grooming behavior.” (Harvard Gazette)

Mom is in your life even if you wish she weren’t. You strive to follow her example or you aspire to live otherwise. But, she’s there. Even an absent mom is present.

Example is more powerful than words.

A boss might encourage you to take time off, but if she always comes early and stays late, you’ll follow her example. Or you worry about not following it.

Example is often unquestioned when it’s the behavior of someone we highly regard. If you do something a certain way, the people who admire you often follow your example.

Lessons in leadership from mom:

#1. People would love to admire you. We love having someone to look up to.

#2. Admiration is opportunity. Seeking admiration is obvious and preposterous. But if people admire you, serve them humbly.

How would you complete the sentence, “My mom is reflected in my life when I ….”

How are motherhood and leadership connected?

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