I’ve Never Seen This on a Zoom Call – Have You

I was surprised on a recent video conference call.

At the end of a technology check, for a recent online presentation, the team clapped. I’ve never seen that before. Have you?

They clapped because they got it right.

They let me know they were excited to hear my presentation.

Smiling woman

Gratitude focuses on something you did. Praise includes who you are.

A praise-filled environment is a safe place to say, “This could be better. Let’s keep trying.”

Praise or gratitude:

Gratitude is good. Praise is better.

Gratitude acknowledges benefit. You say thanks to the server in a restaurant. But praise is more personal.

Praise connects people with achievements. Praise acknowledges talents, virtues, strengths, and achievements in a personal way.

Gratitude focuses on something you did. Praise includes who you are.

Gratitude: Thanks for giving that presentation.

Praise: Your enthusiasm is infectious.

The 10 purposes of praise:

#1. Praise defines and honors what matters.

Praise makes people believe their work matters and, more importantly, THEY matter.

#2. Praise gives meaning to effort, progress, and achievement.

#3. Praise fuels energy and encourages continued effort, progress, and achievement.

You get what you honor.

Praise fuels excellence.

#4. Praise affirms desired behaviors to observers.

Praise to one is instruction for another.

#5. Praise provides focus for future effort.

#6. Praise lets people know they’re noticed.

The worst managers don’t constantly yell and criticize. The worst managers don’t notice people at all.

#7. Praise lowers anxiety and helps people believe in themselves.

Praise answers the question, “Am I doing a good job?”

#8. Praise reminds people of their strengths.

A loud inner critic magnifies weakness and ignores strength.

#9. Praise demonstrates an external focus.

Successful leaders focus more on others than on themselves.

#10. Praise proves you care about people.

“Nothing is more effective than sincere, accurate praise, and nothing is more lame than a cookie-cutter compliment.” Bill F. Walsh

Why praise people?

What forms of praise seem most effective?

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