Generosity Makes you Great and Much More

No one stays up late waiting for the Grinch. But all the young at heart stay up waiting for Santa. His heart is warm and his hand is open.

With all the troubles in the world, you do well to follow Santa’s lead.  

Open hands and generous hearts go further than clenched fists.

Open hand.

Never let what you can't do be reason to neglect what you can do.

Zig Ziglar appeals to self-interest when he says, “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want.”

Zig is expressing a principle, not encouraging exploitation. But the law of reciprocity only works when you know what others want.

Hot dogs for vegetarians isn’t generosity.

5 benefits of generosity:

  1. Expanded perspectives.
  2. Strengthened hearts.
  3. Deepened commitments.
  4. Extended influence.
  5. Increased happiness.

Do good, with a warm heart, and see what happens.

5 expressions of generous leadership:

  1. Invest in people. Young people want development opportunities.
  2. Tell your story. Include lessons learned from failure.
  3. Don’t watch the clock. An open heart gives time to others. I know you have too much to do. Perhaps include others in some of your doing.
  4. Notice. Positive attention reflects a generous heart.
  5. Pour from your cup. Never let what you can’t do be reason to neglect what you can do. Just pour from your cup with a smile.

If you’re not sure how to be generous, look for a need and meet it.


Not everyone responds in kind. But leaders don’t let others set their limits.

Give value before taking it, AND welcome generous response.

You always need results, profits, sales, increased numbers, and solutions. But don’t allow your needs to blind you to the wants of others.

“Most people believe vulnerability is weakness. But really vulnerability is courage.” Brene’ Brown

How might leaders live with a warm heart and an open hand today?

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