Three Ways to Fuel Energy and Stamina Today

Peter Drucker said, “So much of what we call management consists in making it difficult for people to work.” I hope that’s not you.

Successful managers and leaders don’t drain energy and stamina. They fuel it. (Even if they can’t control pay.)

The three factors that fuel energy and stamina are:

  1. Clocks.
  2. Spotlights.
  3. Page turning.

#1. Clocks.

Know what makes people tick.

People need to become their best selves, not the self you imagine them to be.

People feel energized to bring their best when you respect who they are.

If you’ve been on the receiving end of efforts to mold you into someone else’s image, you know how disrespectful, frustrating, and draining it is.

People need to be more of their best selves, not more of someone else.

Know who your people are, not simply what they do.

#2. Spotlights.

Energy and stamina go up when you notice effort and results.

Don’t protect the feelings of poor performers by not spotlighting a high performer’s hard work and great results.

Anyone who feels offended that hard work and great results earn reward is a low performer.

Hard work might be staying on task even when results fall below expectation.

Reward might be:

  1. Access to people or resources.
  2. Public or private praise – noticing the skill, energy, and stamina that produce results.
  3. New opportunities. The reward for meaningful work is the opportunity to do more meaningful work.
  4. Promotion.

#3. Page turning.

What you do when someone fails reveals who you are.

A second chance fuels energy and stamina.

People work to not fail when failure is final. But when you help people turn the page on failure, they learn how to work to succeed.

Working to succeed is thriving. Working to not fail insults talent.

Skillful leaders know that failure isn’t final.

What fuels your energy and stamina?

How might leaders fuel energy and stamina in others?