A Five-Minute Creativity Workout that Helps you Change the Future

Unimaginative leaders repeat the past. Creative leaders change the future.

Creative leaders are better problem solvers.

“The only sustainable competitive advantage – for individuals and companies – is creativity,” Josh Linkner

“With creativity, we stop relying on what’s always been and open our eyes to what might be.” Matt Adams


“Daily rituals are the polar opposite of a magnificent performance. They aren’t your moment of glory, but rather they’re the unglamorous tasks you do in order to win the prize in the first place.” Josh Linkner

“I find my rituals helpful on the good days but absolutely essential to get me through the tough ones.”

Creativity is more discipline than inspiration.

M. Scott Peck tells a story about Pulitzer Prize winning author John P. Marquand that explains the power of daily rituals.

At the age of 64 Marquand could have retired in luxury. But Peck recalls, “… every weekday morning at the dot of nine, I watched him stride out of the house to his study in a little barn 50 yards distant. There he wrote until he returned for lunch on the dot of one. On the one hand, he taught me nothing about writing that summer. On the other, he taught me almost everything.”

Josh Linkner’s 5 minute creativity workout:

  1. 30 seconds of breathing.
  2. 30 seconds of gratitude. “Gratitude activates creativity.”
  3. 60 seconds of guzzling inputs. Look at a painting. Watch a video. Read a poem.
  4. 60 seconds of creative calisthenics. What are eight alternative uses for a pen, for example?
  5. 60 second highlight reel. Recall an accomplishment. Imagine a future accomplishment.
  6. 30 second battle cry. “I create a short manifesto that I read out loud.”
  7. 30 seconds of breathing.

What blocks creativity?

What strengthens creativity?

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