How to Live Your Purpose in Three Steps

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Image of a ship heading out to sea.

A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for.

We love to talk about purpose. We buy books about it. We listen to others talk about it.

The problem is: We don’t believe it’s possible.

Oh, there are a rare few who seem to soar into the purpose stratosphere where the view is breathtaking and the returns rewarding. But that’s them, and this is me.

Where is me? Me is in the reality that there are bills to pay, kids to raise, corporate ladders to climb, and dirty jobs to do (right, Mike Rowe?).

Attainable or fairytale: 

Our parents told us, “Adults all have to do things they don’t like. Grow up! It’s part of coming of age.” I had a man call me for coaching once who loved acting and hated accounting, which he was doing at the time. He had made a life decision and wanted to run it by me for my feedback. His decision: He was going back to school to get a master’s in accounting! He believed purpose was a fairytale.

Purpose is real and achievable for everyone.

 How to live your purpose in three steps:

  1. Know your purpose. Please, no flowery, “I exist to care for the planet and help people.” That’s not a purpose; that’s a fairy tale.
  2. Do things that connect to your purpose every day. Do that for enough days and the way to purposeful living will “magically” emerge. The path emerges as you move forward.
  3. Stop talking yourself into “responsible living” and start talking yourself into meaningful work that gives you a chance to do what you love as often as possible.

 Purpose is a fantasy only for those who think it is.

“A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for.” John A Shedd

What prevents people from living their purpose?

What suggestions might you add for living your purpose?
John W. Stanko is the founder of Urban Press, a publishing service designed to tell stories of the city, from the city and to the city. John is the author of 50 books, including The LEADERS Model: Essential Practices for Today’s Leaders, which he co-authored with Jim Dittmar, the founder, president, and CEO of 3Rivers Leadership Institute.

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