Two Seductions that Stunt Growth

Talent provides advantage, but growth multiplies possibility.

You’re a runt when you squander growth opportunities. People might think you’re cute but neglecting growth insults talent.

You are responsible for your development. No one grows for you.

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You're always less than you will be when you're learning and growing.

Two seductions that stunt growth.

#1. Expecting others to help you grow.

Growth always includes others, a boss, teacher, coach, or mentor for example, but don’t expect others to help you grow. Your growth is your responsibility.

Others help, but no one grows for you.

It’s tempting to blame others for holding you back, a lousy boss for example. Others impact your trajectory, but you control the rudder.

A lousy boss is a source of opportunity for a person committed to maximize their potential. Stagnation is your choice.

A lousy boss fuels growth when you become the boss you wish you had.

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Others often notice your growth before you.

#2. Misunderstanding the growth process.

Growth is often shy.

Personal growth is like growing a garden. One day the seed breaks through; but change was happening all the time. You didn’t see it.

You notice change after it happens, not while it happens.

Others often notice your growth before you.

Explosive development is often followed by a season of quiet. The time after explosive growth might feel depressing. Sometimes you drift toward old habits.

The process of maximizing your talent is like a teetertotter. Sometimes you launch upward. Often you ratchet upward while you go up and down.

Four growth tips:

  1. Learn enough to teach others.
  2. Lean into challenge.
  3. Lower your expectations. Perfectionists fear falling short.
  4. Leverage the dark side. Adversity, disappointment, and frustration are growth opportunities.

You’re always less than you will be when you’re learning and growing.

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