5 Ways Managers Drain People’s Energy

Managers that care about results notice and fuel energy. You fail when you neglect or ignore energy.

You never succeed when you suck the life out of people.

Successful managers energize people.

“What is a man without energy? Nothing – nothing at all.” Mark Twain

Image of Mark Twain with the quote, "What is man without energy? Nothing-nothing at all.

Skillful managers avoid 5 things:

#1. Approaching people as problems.

Pessimists never elevate the human spirit or inspire confidence.

Believe in people.

#2. Defaulting to worry.

Reflecting on potential issues is prudent if you’re committed to forward movement.

Worrywarts default to the status quo.

Listen for ‘but’. Energy vampires bring BUTs to every conversation.

Before you open your worry-hole and suck the life out of people, ask, “How is my input moving the agenda forward?”

Get busy bringing value when worry grips you.

Image of a worried hamster.

Get busy bringing value when worry grips you.

#3. Controlling instead of releasing.

People who haven’t figured out their own lives find comfort in controlling others.

Managers typically control standards, evaluation, correction, training, assignments, deadlines, resources, and more. Successful managers release people within established guidelines.

Build robots if you’re a control-freak-manager.

#4. Believing cable news. (Especially in the evenings.)

Your political persuasion doesn’t matter. Cable news has one goal. It’s not the news. It’s creating a crisis that keeps you watching. Don’t let nincompoops on evening cable news control your focus.

The power to direct the public’s attention is disrespected by drama mongers on cable news.

“Nothing is as important as you think it is while you’re thinking about it.” Daniel Kahneman

Turn off cable news and invite some friends over.

Image of a pouting toddler. Thin-skinned managers use hurt feelings to manipulate people.

#5. Walking around with a thin skin.

A thin-skinned manager sucks the life out of everyone.

Thin-skinned managers use hurt feelings to manipulate people.

Tolerance, forbearance, and patience take you further than worrying if people like you.

Management rule #1. Open your mouth to make things better. Other than that, don’t speak.

What ways do managers drain people’s energy?

How might managers fuel people’s energy?