4 Things You Need to Quit Now

The first thing you need to quit is lying to yourself. Everyone who rejects their humanity lives a lie.

Superman and Wonder Woman only exist in comic books.

Arrogance destroys you, but you reject self-sabotage when you embrace your frailty.

Successful people learn how to quit. Image of an empty railroad track.

4 Things You Need to Quit Now

#1. Quit setting goals you never reach.

You disrespect yourself when you consistently don’t do what you commit to do. Good intentions – you never attain – are self-sabotage.  

The person who hasn’t worked out for five years rejects their frailty when they commit to workout 5-days a week for a year.

#2. Quit ignoring your frustrations.

Buried frustration promotes self-destruction.

Don’t go around spewing anger. Listen instead. What is frustration telling you? When you listen closely, you learn about yourself.

#3. Quit trusting experts.

In technical matters, experts are useful. In personal development, an expert with a universal program is often an imbecile with a hammer.

Universal principles require individual application. Experts know what THEY should do. Learn from experts but choose your own path forward.

#4. Quit going with your gut.

You are filled with biases that dilute your perceptions.

Your gut is useful for personal decisions. Should you live in the city or suburbs? But going with your gut is dangerous.

4 cognitive biases everyone has:

  1. Dunning-Kruger effect – people who don’t know think issues are simple and progress is easy.
  2. Confirmation bias – you favor ideas that confirm existing beliefs.
  3. Negativity bias – you avoid loss more than you pursue benefit.
  4. Attribution error – you attribute people’s failure to their character.

Here’s a list of 20 cognitive biases that screw up your decisions. I also highly recommend, Thinking, Fast and Slow, by Daniel Kahneman.

The surprising side of success is quitting.

What might you add to the above list of things to stop doing?