10 Stupid Things Smart Leaders Do

“Stupid is as stupid does.” Forest Gump

The danger of stupid is it seems smart.

Smart people do stupid things.

You must quit doing stupid things to make room for smart things. The person who can’t quit, can’t change.

Comfort with stupidity means continued self-defeat.

Smart people do stupid things. Image of two moths flying over a flame.

10 stupid things smart leaders do:

My friend, Stan Endicott, tells managers who ask for advice, “Don’t do anything stupid.”

Two kinds of stupid.

  1. Stupid things you know you’re doing.
  2. Stupid things you don’t know you’re doing.

Don’t-know stupid:

You need other people to help you see stupid things you don’t see – if you’re smart enough to listen. Someone will say something to you that seems stupid. It might be what you need to hear.

Explore things that seem stupid. When someone says, “You’re working too many hours,” reflect on their motives. Consider your lifestyle.

Quality of life is the result of repeated behaviors.

What do your repeated behaviors say about your future?

Quality of life is the result of repeated behaviors. Image of a cat licking it's own lips.

Do-know stupid:

Smart people know they do stupid things.

Life would be better if you just stopped doing stupid things.

10 stupid things:

  1. Having crucial conversations on email.
  2. Bringing up a problem or complaint and expecting someone else to solve it for you.
  3. Eating ice cream from the container instead of putting one serving in a dish.
  4. Working till you can’t think clearly.
  5. Trying to fix people.
  6. Allowing confidence to become entitlement.
  7. Expecting performance from novices.
  8. Hanging on to offenses.
  9. Assuming you communicate clearly.
  10. Waiting for perfect circumstances.
Image of quote, "Be concerned for yourself like you are someone you love."

Tip for dealing with stupid:

Be concerned for yourself like you are someone you love.

Talk to yourself as if you want to help yourself instead of beating yourself down.

What’s true of people who don’t stop doing stupid things?

What are some stupid things smart leaders do?

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