What does “Choose How You Show Up” Really Mean and Who Cares

The average leader begins the day stressed. Heart attacks are more likely in the morning and may be connected to adrenaline.

Thinking about the next thing while you do this thing means you’ve lost yourself. You aren’t mindful. You can’t connect. Current action isn’t fulfilling.

The hardest part of getting things done is doing one thing at a time.

Choose how you show up – before you show up.

Choose how you show up before you show up. Image of a person looking across a bridge.

Choosing how you show up is:

  1. Influencing environments.
  2. Active authenticity.
  3. Living with intention and direction.
  4. Controlling things within your control.
  5. Moving beyond passive response to active engagement.

You might say, “I just want to be me.” But sometimes the real you isn’t pretty.

Show up as your best self.

Show up as your aspirational self.

Show up to connect. Image of a flock of birds standing around.

When you don’t choose how you show up you:

  1. Feel like a puppet with someone’s hand rammed up your back.
  2. Go places you don’t want to go.
  3. Drift through opportunities.
  4. Consider circumstances and people enemies instead of opportunities.

How to choose how you show up:

#1. Choose at the beginning.

Rushing to get stuff done obliterates mindful leadership. Take a few minutes at the beginning of your day to center yourself.

#2. Reflect on values.

  1. What’s important to you?
  2. How will your values show up in behaviors?
  3. How will you contribute today?

You might say,”I want to show up in ways that express my passion to get stuff done.” What attitudes, emotions, and actions best serve your passion to get stuff done?

#3. Seek feedback.

You look at yourself through a distorted lens of assumptions and biases.

Feedback provides perspective.

Imagine you choose to show up to fuel energy in others. Ask two questions.

  1. What am I doing that gives you energy?
  2. How might I improve my ability to bring energy to you?
You always have opportunity if you show up to serve. Image of a dark stairway.

What prevents leaders from choosing how they show up?

How might you choose how you show up?