Why Self-Care isn’t a 4-Letter Word

I grew up in a world where you did your work without complaining. We didn’t think about self-care. It’s an unrealistic way to live. However, confusion about self-care is destructive.

You say, “Take care of yourself.” How can you practice what you tell others?

Self-care isn’t:

  1. Self-centeredness.
  2. Self-absorption.
  3. Selfish.
  4. Justification for constant complaining.
  5. An excuse for irresponsibility.
Self-care: pouring out is pouring in. Image of pouring milk into a glass.

Self-care is:

  1. Learning how to care for others. “Love your neighbor as yourself.”
  2. Setting boundaries that demonstrate self-respect.
  3. Treating yourself with the same kindness you extend to others.
  4. Pouring in so you can pour out. You’re a black hole if you only pour in.
  5. Savoring small enjoyments. Self-centered people complain more and enjoy less.
  6. Practicing empathy.
  7. Learning new skills.
  8. Finding, accepting, and enjoying wisdom from others.
  9. Receiving help.
  10. Accepting personal limitations. Humility is essential to self-care.
  11. Building a sustainable future.
  12. Learning how to bring your best self to work every day.

Take care of yourself so you don’t have to constantly worry about yourself.

When you take care of yourself, you don’t disappoint others.

The purpose of self-care is reigniting your ability to care for others.

the purpose of self-care is reigniting your ability to care for others. Image of a sparkler.

5 Self-care tips:

#1. Pouring out is pouring in. Small acts of kindness lift your own soul.

Healthy generosity is taking care of yourself. Exploiting others is destructive.

If you want to care for yourself, care for others.

#2. Set-boundaries that enable generosity. The inability to set boundaries is the end of compassion. When you can’t say no then saying yes is a burden.

#3. Notice personal energy. Do things that fill your cup.

#4. Doing hard things is a surprising source of energy if you don’t nit-pick yourself to death.

#5. Practice gratitude aggressively.

How are you practicing self-care?

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