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Remarkable Leaders Are Alike in One Powerful Way

Remarkable leaders share one common characteristic. They are NOT like each other.

Why are you trying to be like someone else?

How to Discern the Hidden Meaning Behind Suggestions

Complainers have suggestions for others. ‘We should’ means ‘you should’.

Discern the meaning of pronouns.

3 Rules for Being Yourself at Work

You stumble into success when you practice being yourself.

It happened to me when I stopped trying to impress people.

How to Lead Successfully in a Global Environment

It’s impossible to over-communicate when teams are far away from each other.

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Choose to Hug New Ideas Before Killing Them

People learn to keep their mouths shut when new ideas face a firing squad.

Exploring an idea is different from agreeing with it.

The Surprising Source of Unintended Toxicity

Good intentions don’t guarantee positive results.

Toxicity is almost always unintended.

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