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3 Reasons Smart Leaders Tell Stories – How You Can Too

“We’re all stories in the end.” Steven Moffat Tell your story even though every human story already happened. You are the only unique thing in your story. 3 reasons smart leaders tell stories: #1.… Continue reading

5 Surprising Truths About Feeling Inferior

God and nitwits never feel inferior. Normal folk grapple with feeling inferior. Feeling like you’re not there yet is reality, not inferiority. Feeling like you’ve arrived is delusion. The dog who barks the… Continue reading

Leaders Need Support, Too

Book Giveaway!! 20 copies available!! Leave a comment on this guest post by Libby Hoffman to become eligible for one of 20 complimentary copies of her new book The Answers Are There: Building… Continue reading

12 Power Questions that Set a Positive Tone for Meetings

A negative tone treats people like tools and results like gods. Positive energy fuels performance. Skillful leaders set a positive tone. Negative energy feels like swamp-walking. A positive tone… “Excellence depends on a… Continue reading

12 Things Self-Confident People Do that Insecure People Avoid

A person who isn’t self-confident makes more work for others. Everyone needs encouragement. Self-doubters need more. Self-confident people dare to face problems on their own. Insecure managers and employees prolong tension because they… Continue reading

Anyone Can Learn to Lead

Stop saying, “I’m just not good at that.” If you aren’t good at leadership, learn to lead. Don’t cower behind, “I’m not wired that way.” Learn to lead from the genetic platform you… Continue reading