Best Advice Ever: Buy Premium Toilet Paper

Best advice ever: Buy premium toilet paper. Image of toilet paper rolls.

I had my first encounter with one of plumbing’s greatest inventions while in the Middle East, a bidet. It’s a thing of beauty. My best advice – if you haven’t tried one – is do it ASAP.

I’m pretty sure the condos in heaven have bidets.

On that same trip I experienced toilet paper from hell. The proprietors of the hotel were blinded by the devil into believing 80 grit sandpaper was toilet tissue.

Satan loves it when the nether regions burn.

Best advice ever: Find ways to enjoy discomforting realities. Image of a bidet.

Best advice ever: Buy premium toilet paper.

Find ways to enjoy discomforting inevitabilities. While you live you will eat, drink, and eliminate. You’ll interact with people, build relationships, face challenges, and solve problems all your life.

Stop enduring discomforting inevitabilities. Work to make them less discomforting.

Best advice practice: uncover tiny irritations.

#1. Notice daily irritations.

Don’t endure experiences that return day after day.

#2. Keep an irritation journal for a week.

Four times a day, record stressors, small irritations, and frustrations. Nothing is too small if it happens repeatedly. Tiny irritations become infections.

#3. Sort your irritation list.

  1. Which 3 items are most painful?
  2. Which 3 items occur most frequently, even if they aren’t the most painful?

#4. Choose one irritation to make less painful.

Notice if you hate getting up every morning. Adopt practices to make mornings more enjoyable.

Consider an unavoidable relationship that drives you nuts. You can’t eradicate them.

  1. Make it a personal challenge to get along with your irritant. Get to know them.
  2. Accept them as jerk-holes and be happy anyway. “If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.” Maya Angelou
  3. Notice if you’re trying to change them. If you are, focus on changing yourself.
  4. Explore the unlikely possibility that you contribute to the problem.

What is your best advice?

What’s the best advice you ever received?

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